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    2021 - 05.04

    Dreams of Gaia, Self Card

    Last year, I began a process that was meant to utilize the seasons of the Wheel of the Year in addition to astrology, crystals, tarot, and personal alchemy for my own growth. The “process” runs in two segments for the light half and dark half of the year for focus.

    I have been following this system since Mabon and I can truly say it has helped me in ways I had not thought possible. I am growing and my energetic vibration is continually being raised to a place of compassion and light. Yes, there are days that I absolutely have low-frequency energy and that is 100% ok. It helps us target things that will bring us back up.
    Why share it now? Well, I am a little into the light half of the working, and man it’s both kicked my ass and straightened it out. Part of that is that I’ve decided to write it up into a complete workshop and when finished it will be offered with ongoing support through Sacred Mists Academy.
    I’ve started curating and collecting the physical materials for the ongoing process for this big release. If all goes well, I will be able to release it this Fall.

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    1. Tala Waterdragon says:

      Will be fascinated to watch this progress. xoxo

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