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    2021 - 05.17

    Ace of Water - DreamThe Ace of water symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship. The excitement and movement. You are being asked to allow your desire and passion to carry you aong. Trust in that you will go where you need when you are needed. Do not fight against the flow, surrender to it and see where it takes you.

    The timing of this card is nothing short of amazing. I drew this card the morning of rekindling a relationship with a long-time friend. It was the first time we have spoken via telephone in decades. We have both been through a great deal but I look at this as an opportunity to find common ground together again and maybe even help each other heal through the traumas we have been through since the last time we were talking.

    It’s really quite incredible when I think about how the timing lines up with my own healing process and working towards a more heart-centered life. I walk with forgiveness, compassion, and light in my heart and welcome all that will serve my path, allow my light to be utilized while aiding in healing.

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