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    2021 - 06.02

    Last month I was immersed in perception. It was a deep dive into what shapes my reality. It called for me to look at how my senses perceived the world around me and to continue the work of raising my vibration as I adjusted my perceptions and emotions throughout May. Heading into June my card for this month is…Love.

    Love is one of the reasons for being. We seek to experience love in its many forms, some of them are incredibly complex where others as easy as breathing. Love is a beautiful and amazing thing that is more than just an emotion, it is what drives us to improve, it pushes our boundaries into the space where real magick happens.

    With this card showing up for my monthly forecast into the energy of June I can look at the whole meaning of this card. Love is multifaceted and one of those facets includes how I love myself and treat myself. To start out this month of ‘love,’ I am going to begin with SELF-LOVE. I have not always had the best view of myself and occasionally I fall into old habits with negative self-talk. My challenge for this month is to continue to rise above previous mental landscapes and allow myself to feel true love for myself. This week will be about self-care and the things I don’t do for myself but should (and can) do. Each week will carry a different theme but this week’s theme is run by the Two of Earth. This is bringing a little bit of balance to the work and play, caring for my needs and the requirements of others I serve as well. I will be working within myself and with others to spread kindness and compassion from myself to myself and then others through interactions as they occur. Yes, I can see this becoming a lovely and compassionate month.

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