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    Living rurally during a pandemic

    2021 - 02.09

    It’s been over a year now that we’ve lived in rural Port Angeles. I don’t have the lay of the land as well as I had hoped, I do not have any new connections or friends and I still have not seen my brother that lives in Seattle. The pandemic put a damper on all our best-laid plans and you’d think we’d have time to do things like finish going through boxes and all that but it’s not the case. Something that I think others may have forgotten is that when you are already a remote employee, nothing changes for you except the inability to get out and forge those connections that give us friendship and an outlet.

    Where does this leave those of us who were already working from home? As my dad would say, up shit’s creek without a paddle. Depression sets in and while it is on one hand situational and will alleviate to those of us that have been diagnosed with depression it’s much more insidious than you may think. You see we are already fighting a battle for our minds and spirits then add in the isolation, lockdowns, the climate of the world in general and you have a recipe for potential disaster.

    It is not surprising to me to see so many people hurting right now with the lack of social connection. Even introverts require some social interactions to refuel themselves. We have seen a rise in online gatherings and that is wonderful and has definitely helped. What type of changes have you made to your routine and life to help with social events during these periods of unrest and public health crisis?

    Sitting with Fear

    2020 - 08.08

    Do you open the door you fear? YES

    I started to write this more than a week ago now but the time was simply not right. I needed to actually SIT in fear and do something about that fear before I could write this. What does it mean to sit in fear? Well to me this is where it’s uncomfortable to be. I am outside my comfort zone, I am in territory that for some reason I do not feel like I belong and so I fear it. I fear taking a step. I fear not taking a step. I fear looking in the mirror. I fear not looking in the mirror. It’s all very disquieting to the spirit.

    What do you do when you sit in fear? You feel it. You let it surround you. You breathe through it and then after you have felt it you expel it. You breathe it out of existence at that moment and you take one step. Then another.  You will stop along the path you are walking and have to sit in fear again. Face that and conquer it. When you look at it, dead-on, you take some of the power it holds over you back. As you stare at it and raise your chin higher, you continue to take your power back. The greater your power, the less hold the fear will have over you. Always feel that fear, if you do you know you are on the right track and magick is happening. Every step we take outside our comfort-zone is magickal, empowering, and divine.