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    Taking flight…

    2021 - 06.04

    The sun shines on a couple of trees in the forest.

    I am at a point in my life where I seek to keep my spirit and heart engaged in every aspect of my life. This is not something that is easy to do. I believe that by tying them together for myself, I will be able to rise above previous conditioning and move forward in my life with compassion and kindness being the primary motivator for my actions and reactions. Part of that is being kind to myself as well…what does that mean? It means that I get to expand my spirit and spark my creativity because these things are me taking care of myself and my own light.

    Yes, that clears things up for you, doesn’t it? I didn’t think so either, it sounds like a collection of buzzwords without meaning but I can assure you that there is meaning, for me. For the last nine months, I have been using a pathworking system that I created to fuse together all the tools I have at my disposal. In this system, I pull together elements of tarot, lithomancy, crystal healing, and astrology and set up a method of usage that incorporates monthly, weekly, and daily (if you choose) reflection points. It is in the combination of usage that you find you can begin truly healing and creating harmonic energy in your life.

    Sounds interesting…but still not a lot of detail. I am working on writing the full details of the system and plan to release it with kits available for adding later this year if all goes as planned. My goals are simple to give myself and others the tools they can use (and modify) to make their lives better. You can begin healing yourself and find greater happiness which can lead to better prosperity and joy. Like anything, there are no guarantees but I have been working with this for a while now and am finding my emotional and spiritual self-healing as my ability to communicate what I need grows so too does my joy as I receive what I need.

    Energy of the Week

    2021 - 05.10

    A light green and pink fluorite rests on a tree log.

    Every Monday, I shuffle and then pull a card from the Minor Arcana of my Dreams of Gaia deck. This is a part of the process I use for My Alchemy.  The energy of this week is Three of Water. The three of water is a card of positive affirmation, success, and joyful potential. Celebrate the victories as they happen and know that your success continues.

    I welcome beginning my week with this energy! Last week I saw a lot of struggling as I worked through some emotional difficulties and other things going on in “life.” These struggles are meant to strengthen the mettle of my soul (Ok ok ok enough already please) and the desire I have for my growth and the things I am seeking to manifest. I know that as I continue forward I must also take heart in my daily card from Beyond Lemuria which is to surrender. These two cards today really focus on the need to focus and be in charge of the direction my life takes. Yet sometimes, to ensure success and manifestation that you must first release the need to control. You must trust in the Universe to help provide the direction that will lift you up in exactly the right moment so that you do not drown in the river you are trying to cross. Trust in the process, give when you need to, and take control when you need to get to the other side. It is through that combination that all things become possible.

    Later today or tomorrow I will spend some time with my lithomancy throw for the week to see any emerging patterns.