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    Taking flight…

    2021 - 06.04

    The sun shines on a couple of trees in the forest.

    I am at a point in my life where I seek to keep my spirit and heart engaged in every aspect of my life. This is not something that is easy to do. I believe that by tying them together for myself, I will be able to rise above previous conditioning and move forward in my life with compassion and kindness being the primary motivator for my actions and reactions. Part of that is being kind to myself as well…what does that mean? It means that I get to expand my spirit and spark my creativity because these things are me taking care of myself and my own light.

    Yes, that clears things up for you, doesn’t it? I didn’t think so either, it sounds like a collection of buzzwords without meaning but I can assure you that there is meaning, for me. For the last nine months, I have been using a pathworking system that I created to fuse together all the tools I have at my disposal. In this system, I pull together elements of tarot, lithomancy, crystal healing, and astrology and set up a method of usage that incorporates monthly, weekly, and daily (if you choose) reflection points. It is in the combination of usage that you find you can begin truly healing and creating harmonic energy in your life.

    Sounds interesting…but still not a lot of detail. I am working on writing the full details of the system and plan to release it with kits available for adding later this year if all goes as planned. My goals are simple to give myself and others the tools they can use (and modify) to make their lives better. You can begin healing yourself and find greater happiness which can lead to better prosperity and joy. Like anything, there are no guarantees but I have been working with this for a while now and am finding my emotional and spiritual self-healing as my ability to communicate what I need grows so too does my joy as I receive what I need.

    Perception leads the way to Love…

    2021 - 06.02

    Last month I was immersed in perception. It was a deep dive into what shapes my reality. It called for me to look at how my senses perceived the world around me and to continue the work of raising my vibration as I adjusted my perceptions and emotions throughout May. Heading into June my card for this month is…Love.

    Love is one of the reasons for being. We seek to experience love in its many forms, some of them are incredibly complex where others as easy as breathing. Love is a beautiful and amazing thing that is more than just an emotion, it is what drives us to improve, it pushes our boundaries into the space where real magick happens.

    With this card showing up for my monthly forecast into the energy of June I can look at the whole meaning of this card. Love is multifaceted and one of those facets includes how I love myself and treat myself. To start out this month of ‘love,’ I am going to begin with SELF-LOVE. I have not always had the best view of myself and occasionally I fall into old habits with negative self-talk. My challenge for this month is to continue to rise above previous mental landscapes and allow myself to feel true love for myself. This week will be about self-care and the things I don’t do for myself but should (and can) do. Each week will carry a different theme but this week’s theme is run by the Two of Earth. This is bringing a little bit of balance to the work and play, caring for my needs and the requirements of others I serve as well. I will be working within myself and with others to spread kindness and compassion from myself to myself and then others through interactions as they occur. Yes, I can see this becoming a lovely and compassionate month.

    Energy of the Week

    2021 - 05.10

    A light green and pink fluorite rests on a tree log.

    Every Monday, I shuffle and then pull a card from the Minor Arcana of my Dreams of Gaia deck. This is a part of the process I use for My Alchemy.  The energy of this week is Three of Water. The three of water is a card of positive affirmation, success, and joyful potential. Celebrate the victories as they happen and know that your success continues.

    I welcome beginning my week with this energy! Last week I saw a lot of struggling as I worked through some emotional difficulties and other things going on in “life.” These struggles are meant to strengthen the mettle of my soul (Ok ok ok enough already please) and the desire I have for my growth and the things I am seeking to manifest. I know that as I continue forward I must also take heart in my daily card from Beyond Lemuria which is to surrender. These two cards today really focus on the need to focus and be in charge of the direction my life takes. Yet sometimes, to ensure success and manifestation that you must first release the need to control. You must trust in the Universe to help provide the direction that will lift you up in exactly the right moment so that you do not drown in the river you are trying to cross. Trust in the process, give when you need to, and take control when you need to get to the other side. It is through that combination that all things become possible.

    Later today or tomorrow I will spend some time with my lithomancy throw for the week to see any emerging patterns.

    When the short cut is not so short…

    2021 - 05.07

    The fallen tree lovingly referred to as “log” when the day gets tough sit on a log.

    To say that this week has been exhausting, in an emotional way, would be an understatement. Had I paid closer attention to my lithomancy roll for the week on Tuesday I would have noticed a pattern.

    I sometimes wait to take a look at the stones instead of right away and that short cut sometimes costs me a little bit of frustration. This week it cost me quite a bit in emotional labor. I could have mitigated that a little had I noticed that there was a focus on some stones in my roll. Three days later I look and see it.

    Triple Moon – my symbology here is Goddess and Service as a Priestess.

    • Blue tiger’s eye: keywords to focus on for this stone are mental clarity, calming, insight, and focus
    • Chrysoprase: keywords to focus on for this stone are compassion, healing, joy, prosperity, and understanding

    Moon – the symbology here is Inner-Being, Cycles, Souls, and Reactions.

    • Bronzite: keywords to focus on for this stone are releasing overwhelm, restoring harmony, and courage
    • Polychrome Jasper: keywords to focus on for this stone are success, vitality, passion/sexuality, manifestation

    Saturn – the symbology here is Responsibility, Challenge, and Structure.

    • Blue tiger’s eye: keywords to focus on for this stone are mental clarity, calming, insight, and focus
    • Polychrome Jasper: keywords to focus on for this stone are success, vitality, passion/sexuality, manifestation
    • K2 Stone: keywords to focus on for this stone are consciousness, empathy, and higher dimensions

    Yes, sometimes I definitely look deeply a little later than I should. The pattern is certainly there. I need to release that which is causing my overwhelm. Once I release this I can begin concentrating on restoring harmony and calm to my life. With that done I can focus on making real progress with manifesting my new class for Sacred Mists Academy for this entire process.

    I love it when the process you are detailing and have been using shows you the way to continue your success. To me, this says that this spiritual pathway can cause true spiritual alchemy and help you in your life.

    Transitioning out of hibernation…

    2021 - 03.22

    The joke here is that as I begin to move from doing the inner alchemy and healing work of spirit to the outer alchemy which includes the presentation and incorporation of that healing that I am coming out of hibernation. I will be more active and engaging but it goes beyond this, the trick is to hold onto the lessons and healing that I have done in the last phase of My Alchemy(TM) while continuing to heal and grow in a way that is visible this time…

    During this first week of transition, I have swapped my crystals out after they charged up while on my altar over the Ostara weekend and done my first throw with them. I have shuffled my “monthly” card and will be using this as my guide during the shift. My card for this is the Sage. The Sage appears as a reminder that we have gained knowledge and wisdom during our turn inward over the last seasons (Mabon to Ostara) and now we engage in those lessons and share them with others. This card is the gateway towards an outward expression of this path I am walking on. It is with the guidance of the Sage, I will learn to present all I have learned and guide others in this path soon enough.

    The weekly card for me is the Six of Water. As I move from inner alchemy to outer alchemy, remember that above all I must be myself and find an anchor in that. The past has helped shape me, the lessons guided me through healing and now I can release the hold the past held on my spirit and move forward. Compassion, forgiveness, and healing are keywords for this card and I will pull all those elements forward with me. I will seek for every interaction to be filled with compassion and send hope that it continues from me to others.

    When growth meets an obstacle

    2021 - 03.17

    This morning when I pulled my cards for a daily reading I was both surprised and not by the message received. As I mentioned in my last post, my focus has been shifting and the healing continues in my life and my path grows. I previously shared my weekly and monthly cards from Dreams of Gaia. During the week I also pull cards daily in my Chrysalis Tarot (shuffled on the first of every month for a month-long focus) and then my Beyond Lemuria Oracle which gets shuffled every two weeks with the New and Full moons. This method while non-traditional works very well for me and it really helps.

    Four of Stones, Chrysalis Tarot. Resing in the lid of a handmade Tarot Box

    Today, I pulled the Four of Stones from Chrysalis Tarot. This card is a MESSAGE. *laugh* This card is coming to me today to tell me that there is something blocking my path forward. This beautiful bejeweled chest is distracting and holds within it material possessions treasured and the whispers of those that are sought. If I am to move forward in my path and achieve my dreams, I must move the chest aside. My focus has been split between squirreling away treasures and growth. Treasures are bits and pieces of my path and life that aid but sometimes prove to be distractions. This card tells me to be more aware of the “ooh shiny” distraction of acquiring wealth or other material things that could hamper the growth process with all the sparkling that they do.

    This is a good reminder that as I move from working within to out I will need to adjust my mindset and “move the chest” obstructing my path forward. The time to shift these gears is upon me and I shall move forward with a little effort to remove blocks….

    Expansion of Self

    2021 - 03.15

    Tarot and oracle cards are an excellent method of growth and healing within our spiritual paths and lives. Many years ago, I began incorporating the use of cards to get a look at the energy for the day, week, or month…depending on the timing of the draw. It started out sporadically and has grown to a practice that involves multiple decks and the creation of a new system of alchemizing the messages that the cards bring.

    Self, Dreams of Gaia Tarot

    My monthly energy is coming up on completion as March hits the halfway point and Ostara approaches, the energy I am working with is that of the Self. Thematically, this month is about working with my relationship with myself and acceptance. It’s a path of healing and expansion. I have been fully immersed in taking care of myself this month, especially since for the last week I’ve had a cold. *laugh* Before I became sick, I have been doing a lot of introspection and healing for the last several months through my path and the creation of my new method which utilizes both tarot, crystals, a little astrology, and some journaling along the way. In the time since I began using this, I have healed and grown in ways that were not even a consideration. It has been incredible and later this year I will be sharing this process and path through Sacred Mists as a workshop and membership option. It’s very exciting, the method works.

    Three of Air, Dreams of Gaia Tarot

    This week, the three of air steps in to tell me that it’s time to pay attention to my studies as it is essential to be combined with the ongoing healing and overall growth that I am pursuing as a part of my path to reaching a higher vibration for myself. After all, we are a combination of our knowledge, our actions/reactions, our energetic light, and the connections we make. It is when we throw all this in the “mixer” we call life that we can share our energy, our light, and we can find wisdom in the path we walk. We can share these mysteries and paths with others and elevate ourselves to more compassionate beings on this beautiful planet, Earth.


    Threw the box away…

    2021 - 02.09
    King of Earth Dreams of Gaia Tarot Card and Crystals

    The King of Earth tarot card from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck with a raw piece of rainbow obsidian, Tibetan quartz, amethyst, and a smoky amethyst scepter.

    Sometimes you have to step outside the box to really see yourself grow and your vibration to be elevated. I decided to throw the box away…for the last five months, I have been creating a new process that utilizes crystals, astrology, tarot, and witchcraft to bring my journey and path to greater harmony. This is something that I have really enjoyed creating and while I am still working out how to get it out there, I continue to use it and grow myself…

    The process I’ve created works. In the time I’ve been developing and testing it with a friend I have seen incredible personal growth and have slowly started to lift myself out of the constant hamster wheel of anxiety. Oh, it still happens but I am able to sit and work with it most of the time and come out on the other side of it a little more peaceful.

    My weekly card this week is the King of Earth…I’m digging his message to me…

    This is a success story. Right now it is not the time to make changes but to sit and honor your process. Do the research, look at the long-range with what you will need to become successful in your pursuits. Do not forget to stop and enjoy the journey along the way and perhaps bring that journey into the process for greater understanding. It is through understanding and patience that we are able to make the long race successful.